Our Facilities

To help us deliver the highest quality craftsmanship and top processes of integrated production support, our facility currently occupies approximately 2,000 square feet. We have approximately 36 foot of cutting surface and a wide selection of industrial machines to handle almost any task in apparel and home goods manufacturing.

Our technology and software capabilities include:

  • Gerber Technology Accumark® Apparel CAD Software
    Pattern making/edits, Grading, Ordering, Marker Making
  • GERBERdigitizer™ to move your designs from paper to CAD
  • Plotter/Cutter – Automated Pattern Printing/ Marker Making

Our wide array of industrial equipment allows us to support our clients with services ranging from light fabrics to heavy denim and leather. We can construct products made from wovens to knits in most all areas of fashion and home goods. We also have equipment that makes for great finishings, seams, top stitches and other fine details.

  • Straight Stitch
  • Double Straight Stitch
  • Cover Stitch
  • Walking Foot
  • Hemmer/Blind Hem
  • Rolled Hem
  • Serger (5/4 Thread)