Our commitment to fair and equal pricing begins with transparency to our clients. We will never ask what your budget is, or how many stores you are in. The depth of your pockets is not a driving factor for us providing you services and whether we will honor our agreement to support your order.
Our two factor determination
  • Do we have the equipment?
  • Can we meet your deadline?
If we can say yes to these questions, we will provide you a quote and you determine if you would like to proceed. Our prices are set based on time and the technical expertise needed to complete your order.
We are constantly working to optimize our processes for efficiency and pass those savings on to you. Our rates do not fluctuate based on project type. The complexity of the product, equipment needs, and labor hours dictate your order. Below is our general guide to our base rates and standard fees. These fees are subject to change as needed but are generally updated each calendar year.

Pricing is always an important question and it is impossible to give an exact amount or even a fair estimate without having the details of your request. To be as transparent as possible, the below information can help you understand labor costs which is one part to our pricing.

Labor is often the most expensive part of producing any item and our approach to hiring staff is to keep overhead low by curating a team that is talented, skilled, educated, and passionate about this field. We have no desire to compete with China or any other location that has extremely low labor costs. We are a relatively small staff, but together we hold the technical skill, knowledge and experience that surpasses most design staff and manufacturing facilities.

We are likely not the cheapest option in manufacturing because we pay a fair wage to our employees and contractors. However, we have proven to reduce costs for our clients year over year in pre-production services through accuracy, consistency and technical expertise.

Our clients hire us for our commitment to quality and attention to detail without compromising our values or your products. We strive to be the premiere boutique manufacturer in the US for small to mid-sized companies and individuals and we look forward to serving you.

Approximate Fees for Pattern Development

Apparel - $400.00 to $750.00 for (on average)

Home goods - $200.00 to $400.00 (on average)

Size standardization – $350.00

Tech Pack Development (your format) - $35.00 per page

CRC Tech Pack – Standardized Excel template (Unlimited Use) - $500.00

Fit Test - $65.00

Hourly Rates

Consulting - $130.00

Technical Designer - $45.00 to $85.00

Designer - $35.00 to $55.00

Pattern Maker - $45.00 to $65.00

Pattern Maker (Technical) - $45.00 to $85.00

Sewing Technician – $10.00 to $15.00

Sewing Technician (High skilled) - $15.00 to $20.00

Administrative – $8.00 to $15.00

General Labor – $8.00 to $10.00

General Labor (High Skilled) – $10.00 to $20.00