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You can select any one or combination of our services to support your needs throughout your production cycle. We can assist with everything from product development and the various stages through the production process
We offer low MOQ’s from development of initial samples to as little as 5 per style in production and up.
Initial Free Consultation

We offer a free 30-minute initial consultation (in-person or over the phone) to address any questions you may have about CRC Manufacturing being a good fit for your product needs.

If you would like further consulting services to work out product details, material choices, design choices or any other topic, we would be happy to schedule more time with you.

Size Standardization

This is a crucial area that we have found companies make errors on, especially in the production process and end up spending thousands of dollars trying to figure out what went wrong. Whether you use us or someone else, do not order a pattern, sample or place a manufacturing order without ensuring your sizing correct.

Your size standardization should align with your product placement in the market, your brand, and your target market. There are other factors to be considered but those three are a base guide. Your sizes should range across an average of 5 sizes as a general rule.

If you serve different markets (Men’s/Women’s) you need sizing for both. Your sizes need exact measurements. Even if you plan to sell a product as a Small/Med/Large, you must have actual numbers (bust/waist/hip/height, etc.). It is unethical for any pattern maker or manufacturer to take your money if you have not made your sizing explicitly clear. We offer size standardization set up for a flat fee if you do not have the expertise to decide on the best approach to sizing for your brand.

Design Services

CRC Manufacturing can assist in the design of a single product or collection development of your product(s) to address your areas of concern or help fill the gaps if you feel you need an experienced designer to help guide you. Each product faces its own unique challenges and finding ways to fit into your market are essential to finding success. Here are a few examples – Size/Fit, Design vs Cost, Product Placement, Market alignment


We can help guide you when locating or understanding your sourcing needs. We have years of experience working with designers with both large and small quantity orders and can often help you learn to source yourself. Understanding your ordering needs per project will not only help you source faster, budget efficiently, and streamline this tedious yet crucial task. We do not source for our clients because it is not cost effective for small to mid-sized companies. We have many books, swatches, and other reference materials on hand and are happy to support your sourcing needs where we have contacts, connections and knowledge.

Pattern Making

We believe in ethical Pattern Making services. This means that we believe it is our job to support you when you order a pattern and we will communicate with you about your product order. If we see an issue with your patterns, we will notify you in order to prevent further errors or mistakes in production. We will also keep in mind that you intend to manufacture and help you make the best decisions for your product to market fit. We know that not everyone is an expert in pattern making or manufacturing, and we are committed to supporting you throughout each step in the process. CRC Manufacturing will create your patterns from your concepts or we can use patterns you already have established. Once your design(s) are production ready, we use Accumark® software from Gerber Technology to create a CAD pattern that can be used at nearly every manufacturing facility across the globe. This provides the flexibility to manufacture with us, or as you grow, move to a larger manufacturing facility.

For those who have used CAD software with another company, you may be able to have your files transferred to CRC Manufacturing for your production needs. Ask for more details.


We can grade your patterns according to your sizing specifications and grade. The grade is the measurements in between sizes and can vary widely based on your individual product line. Common grades are variable, 1" and 2". We can also help guide you through the grading process for emerging designers who may not have this standardization set up. Your grade may need to be reevaluated throughout your product development as many design elements impact grade decisions.


We can help in the early product development stages of sampling or when your product is ready and we offer full-service production with low MOQ’s that allow you the flexibility of low quantities. This is especially helpful for emerging designers and start up brands. Our MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 5 to 300 pieces and under 5 is sampling price. It is our goal to support you get your products produced ethically and at a cost-effective price.

Cut and Sew Services

Our cut and sew services are available for a wide range of material types and quantity orders. We have up to 7000 sq. feet available for manufacturing and utilize this space in various configurations for our various client product needs.

Contact us to receive a quote and be sure to specify requested timelines so we may keep you on schedule. We determine our ability to support your order based on two important factors – Do we have the proper equipment, and can we meet your requested timeline. That is it! We won’t ask how many stores you are in or what your budget is

Labeling and Packaging

We offer a range of support in various post production processes from labeling, bagging/tagging, hanging, boxing, quality control, ironing, folding, shipping services and more. Let us know what your product needs are to see how we can help you achieve your goals.